How To Scale Your E-Commerce Business

Hi there! Thank you for clicking. You’ve taken a step further to make your clients and customers fall in love with you over again. This blog post will cover all you need to know to launch and sustain your e-commerce business.

• Branding & Identity
• E-commerce website
• Digital Marketing

Shall we begin the journey to making your audience love you, which fosters profit?

branding for e-commerce business


In simple terms, branding is “an intentional creation of how you want to be perceived by your audience”.
To be perceived as a luxury brand, you will want to take steps to ensure that your audience sees you that way.
When you think of Apple or Gucci, what comes to play? Feels like the big brand right?

Be it Apple or Gucci, there has been an intentional creation of how they want to be perceived by their target audience and even outside of their target audience.

Now, What Goes Into Branding?

Doing all of the below will help you better position your message and communicate well with your target audience.

Let’s get to YOUR WHY:

This is the reason you do what you do and this is what you sell to your audience. This is what fuels your passion too.
To foster more understanding, JTech Notify Innovations exists to make your clients and customers fall in love with your brand again and again.

Apple exists to challenge the status quo and aims to think differently.

Now, if you are reading this, you feel great because JTech Notify Innovations cares for you or you feel like part of something great if you use any Apple product.
That’s what your ‘why’ does for your audience. It helps them feel like part of something unique and gives them the feeling of importance. Therefore, we indulge you to genuinely define why you exist, before proceeding to discuss what you do.

To define your why, you need to understand the problem you solve for your audience. So ask yourself, what problem do I solve for my audience, how do I make life easier for them, and how do they benefit from this?

Do you need help figuring this out? Kindly book a call, or send a mail.

Your Target Audience:

This is one of the most important parts of your brand-building process. Your business won’t exist or be sustainable without a target audience. Therefore, you must know who you are selling to.

Simple steps to do this:

1. Think of who your target audience may be. A fashion brand that sells male clothing will have males as its target audience.
2. What age category do you think would be able to afford your product: A young man in her 30s or late 20s?
3. Where does he stay? London or Nigeria?

1. Is my target audience a busy person?
2. Is my target audience a millennial or gives Gen-Z vibes?
3. What kind of content does my audience consume? (An hack we found out is ‘check who your present followers follow, and see what they consume.’)
4. What challenge(s) does my target audience face(s)?

This is important to leverage on their weakness and to improve on your weakness.

  • Leveraging on their weakness means you can seize the opportunity to improve or do whatever they aren’t doing right or aren’t doing at all.
  • Improving your weakness means doing better in places where your competitor may be better than you. Be it product, marketing, or customer relations.

PS: In your branding process, remain human-like. Rigid brands come off as a robot.


This is virtually the result of your branding process.
You now know about your business, your audience, and your competitors. Then, you communicate your understanding, value, and why you are unique through visual identity. This includes your logo, color themes, brand messaging, voice, personality, visuals, and every other thing your audience can see or hear.

Each of these will be a reflection of your understanding of your audience and your business.

Nike communicates strength and motivation. JTech Notify Innovation’s personality is professional, friendly, and helpful.
Whatever the identity created, consistency is key. Ensure you communicate your brand values in all of your content.

Need help or guidance with creating your brand identity? Book a call or send a mail.


e-commerce website


You’re an E-commerce brand. Therefore, you need a location online where people can get to know you, what you do, get your product, or request your services.

Why Do You Need To Own A Website?
Whatever your business is, the aim is to satisfy your audience. Therefore whatever you do should improve your audience’s experience with you.
Let’s work with these two scenarios:

Scene 1
Alicia sent you a DM saying she likes a particular product. You took a minute, two, or 30 minutes to reply. Then Alicia needed answers regarding your product, you took another minute to reply. Alicia is ready to buy and paid through bank transfer. Alicia made the transfer, but you had to wait for an alert, before processing her order. It took too long to receive her payment and Alicia doubted if your business is a scam. She felt like there should be a better way to go about receiving payments from customers.

Take note of the following:
  • Alicia was in your DM to tell you she liked a particular product.
  • Alicia had questions and had to wait for replies at different moments.
  • Alicia doubted your brand when you told her you are yet to receive payment.

Scene 2
Alicia loved a product from a brand that owns a website. Alicia visited the website and went to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to get answers to her questions. When Alicia was satisfied, she ordered and paid through the payment options available which was automatically confirmed immediately. Then her order was processed.

Take note of the following:
  • Alicia loved the product and went ahead to the website to have her question answered.
  • Alicia ordered and paid.
  • Alicia is expecting her order to arrive in within the stipulated timeframe she was given.

With these scenarios, you can say that Brand B will have Alicia’s heart forever because there was less hassle during the sales process. Alicia will fall in love with brand B over again because after having a good experience on their social platforms, her experience during sales was even better.

PS: Ensure the feel of your website aligns with your brand values.

Do you need help building your e-commerce website that improves your customer experience? Book a call or send us a mail.


The world is online, therefore every business has to be online. Once you understand who you are and know your audience, check the necessary list for e-commerce. You need then let your target audience know where and how to find you in the online space.
This is digital marketing. In simple terms, all of your marketing efforts in the online space are digital marketing.

Checklist To Fulfill In Your Digital Marketing Effort.
  • Your seasoning = Your why + a bit of creativity + a bit of why you and not your competitors + consistency. You can express this through your brand identity.
  • Organically promote your content by asking your audience to share. If your customer or client has a good experience with your product, then word of mouth will do the trick. (This is to emphasize the importance of branding)
  • Running ads: In simple terms, It’s putting your products and services in the faces of those who actually need them. Paid advertising complements organic effort.

We have curated helpful resources on our blog to run your ads successfully from scratch to execution. If you have questions or help running ads, kindly book a call or send a mail.

PS: During your marketing effort, create posts for the audience to know about the problem you are helping them solve (Awareness stage), offer solutions to their problems (consideration stage), then posts that stamp their decision to patronize (decision stage).

PPS: Never miss out on your call to action! If you get everything right and target the right people who love everything about you and your business, there’s still the need to tell them what you want them to do. Either you want them to shop for your product, visit your website, download a guide, like, comment, or share your content.

Final Words…

Owning an e-commerce business and building a brand may prove stressful sometimes. Engagement may be low even after applying these best practices.
But not to worry, a business aimed at success takes time. Be patient with the process, Keep learning, and keep tweaking. Don’t be afraid to try new things out. You will surely win!

JTech Notify Innovations can help you achieve all of your e-commerce business dreams. Our duty is to ensure clients and customers fall in love with your brand over and over again, which in the long run makes your business profitable.

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