5 Ways You Can Improve Your Ecommerce Website Design

e-commerce website designs

For ecommerce businesses striving to remain competitive online, it’s not about finding any solution — it’s about finding the optimal solution. Each improvement to your website can drive more traffic, conversions and customer satisfaction.

One way to improve and optimize your website is to work with JTech Notify Innovations’ professional eCommerce web development service and analytics teams. Here are five ways JTech Notify Innovations can take your ecommerce website performance to the next level.

1. Creating Better UI-UX Design


Optimized UI and UX design is one of the most significant aspect of ecommerce web development. It makes your ecommerce website (and any relevant app) easier and more enjoyable to use, which is vital to increasing sales and creating loyal customers. Someone could be completely satisfied with your products but not come back to your store for future purchases if your site feels difficult to use. In fact, 63% of people won’t shop with you anymore if you’re not using good personalization and customer experience tactics.

Better UX design means making the shopping experience fun for the user — it should never feel like work. The more effort your customers need to put in to buy your products, the less likely they will. A good shopping experience can also help create positive associations with your brand, which can lead to customer loyalty and make people more likely to recommend your business to others.

Better UI design means improving graphics to ensure visual appeal and understanding of the flow of information on the page. It also means ensuring consistent design elements, faster loading pages and improving other elements that make the user interface easier to interact with and enjoy.

Working with JTech Notify Innovations’ professional UX and UI teams helps ensure your UX design is producing the most conversions and creating the best customer experiences. Our design pros help you create a UI-UX strategy that’s effective, modern and eye-catching, and they’ll assess your business’s individual needs to produce an experience that aligns with your brand.

JTech Notify Innovations uses a five step process to find the optimal UI and UX solutions for your business:

  • Briefing. The first step is to gain a deep understanding of your audience, business and needs. This portion of the process is about discovering what the problem needs a solution and empathizing with your target audience.
  • Brainstorming. After the problem is discovered, it’s time to start defining the solution. The brainstorming phase is where things start getting etched out and prepared to get solidified in the next phase.
  • Designing. This is where the ideas from the brainstorming phase get defined in definite terms and the project takes a solid form. At this stage, the solution is fully formed in concept and we’re ready to put it into action.
  • Developing. The development phase is the nitty-gritty part of the process where all the details are hashed out and the fully matured solution comes to life.
  • Testing. This phase makes sure the solution is optimal. Using a DevOps-based culture, the site or app is constantly tested and optimized — meaning you’ll see ongoing innovation and adaptation up to and after launch.

2. Optimize Conversions with Data Analytics

e-commerce website design

JTech Notify Innovations’ data analytics service helps you stay connected with your online business and understand its effectiveness. The expert data analytics team produces in-depth but easy-to-read infographics about your site performance. These reports show you the features users interact with and which aspects lead them to conversions. That data can then be used to create new customer experience strategies.

A site or app developed by JTech Notify Innovations is constantly monitored and assessed to make sure it’s producing results. This takes a load off of ecommerce businesses because you don’t have to keep up with all that data and analyze it yourself.

JTech Notify Innovations’ development team uses the information from data analytics to create a revolving cycle of development, testing and deploying to improve your site. So, not only can you see how well your site is operating, you can also see how that data is used to create an even more optimized solution.

3. Develop a Mobile Ecommerce App To Match Your Website

Develop a Mobile eCommerce App To Match Your Website | eCommerce Website Design

It’s no surprise that more and more people are doing their online shopping on mobile devices. To keep up with changing technology and shopping habits, your ecommerce store should have a mobile app version. A well-designed, user-friendly app can act as your on-the-go store front and keep customers shopping with you.

Having a mobile app that matches your website’s design helps create a unified visual brand for your business. App interfaces are generally more compatible with mobile devices than even the most robust webpages, so having an app can create a much better customer experience for mobile users.

But knowing you need an app and actually developing one are two very different things. That’s where JTech Notify Innovations comes in. We assess your technology needs before developing solutions for your consumers. Working with experienced developers means your app will be easy to use and look professional. JTech Notify Innovations’ development and operations teams collaborate seamlessly to provide continuous delivery of high-quality solutions, so your app will be optimized for your changing and growing needs.

4. Increased Web Accessibility

e-commerce website design

Web accessibility generally refers to a website’s usefulness for people with disabilities. A large percentage of sales comes from people with special needs, so making your site accessible to them helps lead to more conversions and creates better user experiences. Also, not adhering to accessibility guidelines could result in a lawsuit.

The guidelines for web accessibility have been standardized and organized into four main principles by the W3C. A web accessible site should check off these foundational attributes:

  • Perceivable. The user needs to be able to see or hear everything on the page easily. This is achieved by making sure the elements are separated and distinguishable and the user can access information regardless of their disability. Guidelines involving text alternatives and adaptability fall under this principle.
  • Operable. If the user is required to perform a task they physically can’t, they won’t be able to interact with your site. Providing various input modalities, intuitive navigation and adequate time on each page are some necessary features for an operable page.
  • Understandable. Unclear and confusing web pages are frustrating, especially for people with disabilities with reduced ability to take in content. Understandable pages have clear text content and predictable navigation and layouts.
  • Robust. In this context, robust means the webpage is compatible with assistive technologies. The site should be designed with assistive technology in mind so UX translates to devices like screen readers and braille displays cohesively.

JTech Notify Innovations is well versed in making accessible websites. Working with us ensures your ecommerce site is catering to all possible customers and gives you the piece of mind that your site is following all the accessibility guidelines and standards.

5. Create More Manageable Forms

e-commerce website design

The last step before a customer can buy from your ecommerce site is often a form, and the longer and more arduous the form, the less likely someone will complete it. A user could have a great experience on your site and be excited to make a purchase, but their mood can completely change due to a poor form design. Forms are often considered the trickiest part of UX and CX design because they require the user to do some work.

That’s why working with JTech Notify Innovations’ experienced UX and CX design team is important. We know how to create forms that won’t stress or fatigue users, and our experienced teams adhere to form design best practices and use all of the innovations and modern tools, such as re-captcha and auto-fill. Manageable UX-based forms help level up your whole ecommerce site and lead to more overall sales.

If you’re ready to partner with a proven team to improve your ecommerce site design and drive better performance for your company, contact us today.

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